Esther Passaris

Esther Passaris’ Louis Vuitton bag causes furor in parliament

During one of the parliamentary sessions, the leader of the majority raised an alarm about the bag Hon. Passaris had carried.

It was not appropriate according to him.

Tokeo la picha la passaris bag in parliament

This, however, left the other members of parliament wondering whether the issue was the bag or Passaris. Hon. Passaris gave an explanation of why she had the Louis Vuitton bag.

‘Mr. Speaker, I wonder why the leader of the majority is observant with everything that I do. From my thermos and now my bag. It is actually a medical order from my doctor that I should balance my weight at my back that is why I have carried a backpack. I have actually gone through the sergeant at arm and they have verified what am carrying.’

This explanation was seen to be genuine hence she was allowed to carry on with the session.

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Citizens, on the other hand, were left with many unanswered questions.

The members of parliament are busy discussing these issues while there are much more important things that need attention? That is why we will never move. 

So this is actually what the people we elected sit to do in parliament while we are busy suffering out here?

The worst part is that the Speaker is actually sited there listening and entertaining such kind of talks.

Those were some of the comments from the disappointed citizens. They felt that there were much more issues to discuss than just an ordinary bag.

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