Passaris in hospital

Pray for her! Esther Passaris in Aga Khan hospital for surgery!

Esther Passaris is now in Aga Khan Hospital. The reason for her stay in the facility is that she is set to undergo a Medial Branch Block procedure plus Paraspinal.

A medial branch nerve block is a procedure in which an anesthetic is injected near small medial nerves connected to a specific facet joint. Typically several levels of the spine are injected in one procedure.

Esther Passaris
Esther at a public event

Passaris shared through her Twitter page on Monday about admission and her condition. She has been battling backaches for almost 20 years which started after her pregnancy.

She said the pain has been a matter of recurrence, which comes on and off. She stated that rudimentary tasks such as walking had become a tall order due to her condition.

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“I miss gyming, I have not been able to exercise. I can’t walk for more than half an hour. I can’t sleep at night and that’s why I look exhausted. Even with the painkillers, I can’t sleep,” she stated.

Nairobi Women Rep Esther Passaris
Nairobi Women Rep Esther Passaris

Passaris noted that the procedures she has undergone to remedy the pain had been expensive. She credited her insurance cover for enabling her access the medical care that she needed.

Passaris went through thyroidectomy surgery to remove her goiter in February at Nairobi hospital which had been growing for 10 years.

The city Woman Rep is under the care of Dr. Thikra Shariff and Livingstone Olunya.

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