Guardian Angel proposing to Esther Musila

Esther Musila was scared to tell her children that she was engaged to Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel’s fiancee Esther Musila says she wasn’t sure how her children would receive the news of her engagement.

Guardian Angel proposed to her on her 51 birthday last month.

Speaking in a recent interview, the mother of three said;

“The thing that really scared me is I didn’t want the news to get to social media and my kids don’t know because what would have been their reaction? That I got engaged and didn’t tell them. So, I called my daughter and I told her to guess what? The first thing that came to her mind she thought I was pregnant then I said no and she screamed ‘Mum you engaged, I’m so happy for you. I was on speakerphone and my youngest son was posed then said mum I’m so happy for you.”

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Guardian Angel proposing to Esther Musila
Guardian Angel proposing to Esther Musila

Musila went on to add that the reactions from her children following the engagement, created one of the best memories in her life.

“In my mind, I was thinking what if they had another reaction; it would have killed him (Guardian Angel) and me too. That was the best moment in my life,” Musila added.

The two have been dating since last year.

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