Guardian Angel with Esther Musila

Esther Musila responds to a fan who called her ‘Guardian Angel’s mum’

Gospel singer Guardian Angel’s lover Esther Musila is not letting trolls get off that easy.
Musila is engaged to the gospel singer but because of their age difference, they have been receiving love from their fans and hate from trolls.

Recently, the two love birds shared a lovely video of them enjoying life.

Esther was displeased when a fan reacted to the video of her and Guardian teasing each other after the musician had a difficult day in the gym.
In her caption, she praised the work she puts in during the gym as the reason why Guardian was so eager to touch her.
A fan reacting to the clip said it was a mother teasing her son, which upset Esther.
Musila calmly urged him to look for a seat, ask for a soda to watch.
She reminded the fan that jealousy is a poison that might end up ‘finishing’ him.
“Tafuta kiti ukae, alafu upewe soda ukunywe. Wivu ni sumu itakumaliza,” she said.
Guardian Angel with Esther Musila
Guardian Angel with Esther Musila

Read some of the comments from impressed fans below:

Those making noise, look at her beautiful figure 8, age is just a number appreciate others, much love mum🔥😍😍

Sai Maasai is like ,,eroooo hii msichana anapiga hii nduume aki anaani ingekuwa mimi..😂😂😂😂😂

The body I want at 33 but uvivu aki 🙌🙌🙌

🔥❤️ Adorable couple

A very beautiful shape😍

I love this couple❤️❤️

Hio figure is killing us n moto

aki mapenzi wewe nikikushika utalia😂😂😂…

❤️❤️❤️Nawapenda nyinyi 😄

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