Guardian Angel proposing to Esther Musila

“When Esther came into my life, I wasn’t ready to get in a relationship,” Guardian Angel

Esther Musila and Guardian Angel have had a whirlwind romance that most people would admire. The couple who got engaged a few months ago is unique in that they have made their relationship work although that Esther is 20 years the musician’s senior, something that is anathema in most African cultures.

But while many might be envious for the love the two have for each other, the couple still has it’s issues like most healthy relationships do.

Esther was candid about this subject this week when she revealed that they used to argue during the first months of dating.

The two spoke candidly about their relationship on their YouTube show dubbed Love Wins, where the awesome twosome talked about marriage and its challenges.

“No one is perfect. When she came into my life, I wasn’t ready to get in a relationship, and one of the weaknesses I’ve had for the longest time is I don’t accommodate people,” Guardian said.

Esther Musila was scared to tell her children that she was engaged to Guardian Angel

The mother of 3 for her part said that their relationship wasn’t easy at the start. “When we started the relationship alikuwa ananiambia (he used to tell me), he can switch off. I remember like those first days when we argued about something; I used to ask him, ‘ooh you’re on your way to switching off’,” she said.

The “Nimependa” singer said that he was amazed that he had stayed with Musila for over a year without switching off, explaining that he could never stay with someone for over 3 months without zoning off.

“You can know somebody’s true colours when money is involved. Mtu akikosa pesa, uone his attitude imeanza kuchange unajua huyu sasa hana pesa,” Musila explained.

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