Esther Arunga heading to the courthouse

Esther Arunga given 10 strict rules she must follow for 10 months

Esther Arunga was sentenced yesterday at an Australian court. This following her recent admission that she gave a false account of how her son died.

She was sentenced to 10 months in prison but was released on parole by the court however there are ten strict regulations that she must abide with for the period of the sentence, which will be supervised by the Queensland Corrective Services (QCS).

Esther Arunga with Quincy Timberlake
Esther Arunga with Quincy Timberlake in the past

The conditions are;

1. Arunga must stay in contact with the probation and parole staff by reporting to an office or having officers visit her home or workplace.

2. At the end of her parole, officers from the probation and parole section of Queensland Corrective Services will carry out surveillance to check whether her risk level is appropriate.

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3. She is not to commit any crime while on parole, not even a minor offence, as it would taint her record.

4. She will not be allowed to leave Queensland, Australian, without permission from the authorities.

5. Arunga is not to use any illegal drug or even drink alcohol for the 10 months. She will be drug-tested regularly during the same period.

6. Were she to change her job or house locations, she should inform the correctional services unit of her decision within 48 hours.


7. During her 10 months parole, she will be expected to attend programs and counselling offered by the Australian correctional service.

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8. She has to comply with rules set by the correctional service of Australia.

9. Her physical appearance will be checked constantly checked, her relationships and her home stability will be under scrutiny.

10. She must also maintain good terms with her family.

If she breaches the parole orders, the conditions may be changed or her parole order may be suspended or cancelled and she will be returned to prison.

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