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Sijapona vizuri! Esma Platnumz’s responds to troll who accused her of aborting

Many people were worried after images emerged of Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz’s in hospital. Many wondered what was going on as she had been spritely and full of life just a few days earlier.

So what had happened? We still don’t know for sure but the great news is that the mother of 2 was finally discharged from hospital.

Esma Platnumz in hospital
Esma Platnumz in hospital

The rumours swirling around are that Esma might have procured an abortion after breaking up with her estranged husband Msizwa.

This came about after her flashy husband (with whom she has had issues with) posted a message on his social media of a lit candle (which normally signifies death). His caption read, “Binadamu tuwe na huruma 😭😭😭.”

That set the gossip mills rolling and Tanzanian blogs went into hyperdrive speculating about what his post meant. That it coincided with Esma’s hospital stay didn’t help matters leaving a lot of unanswered questions.

One of Esma’s courageous fans commented on her latest post accusing her of aborting Msizwa’s child. “Umepona ee kutoa mimba sio vizuri,” read his comment.

The mother of two, who as married to Msizwa as a third wife savagely responded to the fan and she wrote, “Sijapona vizuri ndio najisikilizia.”

Wah! That level of sarcasm! But is she confirming a truth or is she just playing the part? Who knows, only she does.

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