Esma Platnumz with Petit Man

“I am the only man who can stand Esma Platnumz’s pride and arrogance!” Baby daddy speaks

Esma Platnumz has probably had the best days of her 2020 so far this past weekend, what with her nuptials that seemed to take forever to get done (As you can see I am not a romantic).

But despite the joy Esma and her family who were in attendance had on her wedding day to wealthy Tanzanian tycoon as the 5th wife of Msizwa Yahya, their were some who weren’t as happy for her.

Esma Platnumz with her new husband
Esma Platnumz with her new husband

Take a long hard guess. Hmmm…Who could it be?

Her ex, her baby daddy to be exact!

If you had guessed that you would be right. Her on and off again former lover and father of one of her two kids, Petit Man Wakuache.

Diamond’s sister Esma gets married as 3rd wife in posh wedding (photos)

The man was not invited for the ceremony and rightly so as his latest rant shows that the man hasn’t gotten over her yet (Pathetic!).

Esma-Platnumz-and-Petit-Man in the past

The man was recently recorded raging about Esma telling the cameras that she was an arrogant woman; and if anything the new union will not last thanks to her pride.

Petit opened up saying;

“I am pretty sure that there’s no other man, other than me, that can live with Esma. I do not think there’s any other than can persist the pride and arrogance of Esma.

While he might be saying the truth, I think that his airing her dirty linen in public is a poor move on his part, especially considering that the two have a child together.

Esma Platnumz with Petit Man and their daughter
Esma Platnumz with Petit Man and their daughter

Petit might also be bitter because there are allegations that Yahya and Esma got involved with each other while Petit Man was said to be working on his relationship with Esma who was allegedly pregnant for him at the time.

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