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Esma Platnumz under attack after praising Zari while dissing Diamond’s other women

Diamond’s sister, Esma Platnumz’s might have had her marriage end just a few days ago but that doesn’t mean that she is still in mourning about it.

In fact, the mother of two took the time to throw shade at some of Diamond’s other women while at the same time praising Zari Hassan.

Taking to Instagram, Esma exhorted Zari saying she was a perfect mom and a good cook revealing that as soon as the mother of five set foot in Diamond’s house, she sent the house helps to go shopping for fresh foods.

“Let me not be a hypocrite. Zari went to the fridge and she could not understand anything. She had to send the house helps to the market to get her fresh food to cook for herself and the kids,” wrote Esma.

She then went on to throw some of his other women under the bus saying they always feed the bongo star with fries. She said that she would chase away the said women once she sets foot in the singer’s house.

“@diamondplatnumz you are going to add a few kilos by the time Zari is leaving. She is not like those women who feed you on fries. When I visit and find them there I will chase them away,” added Esma.

But her post elicited a lot of dismay with many saying that she was the reason the singer had still not settled down. Popular celeb Alex Mwakideu wrote: “You are the people spoiling Diamond.”

While others called her out on the fact she was offering relationship advice and yet couldn’t stay in a marriage.

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