Esma Platnumz with her new husband

“She can’t divorce me! I am the man of the house!” Esma’s Platnumz’s hubby declares

This past week Esma Platnumz has taken a bit of the spotlight from her brother Diamond and his baby mama, Zari who has been visiting the father of her two kids in Tanzania.

The reason she had taken part of the spotlight is her revelation on Instagram that she had split up from her polygamous husband Msizwa who married her 3 months ago.

But it seems that the couple isn’t on the same page because Msizwa has come out to deny the separation rumours claiming that Esma lied to the public about him.

In an interview with Wasafi, Msizwa said that he was the man in the relationship and that unless he announces a divorce, they are not separated.

“I have married her, she didn’t marry me. I have my own decisions. It means I am the man in this marriage. Nimeoa, sijaolewa. I can never submit to a woman. I have not divorced her, the decision should be mine.”

Diamonds brother in law predicted correctly his ex Esma’s doomed marriage


He said that her claims that he was an addict of social media and would wake up early just to check Instagram, were baseless.

“No, its not true. I am not into social media. These things she is talking about are not true. I started using Instagram a very long time, you use it like any other app. Probably she is just jealous,” Msizwa told Wasafi.

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Aunty ake Esma… 😊

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He is currently in South Africa with his two other wives and says he doesn’t know when he will be back in Tanzania.

And was it true that he had been inboxing bloggers so he could get some clout by them posting him on their platforms?

“It is not true, why would I do that? I think she is just jealous cause we are apart.”

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Ijumaa Mubarak ❣

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Msizwa concluded that Esma has been listening to the wrong people. “I think there are people who want us to separate and she is listening to them.”


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