Eric Omondi and Carol of Bandbeca

Eric Omondi’s ‘wife’ Carol talks of her fathers reaction to fake wedding


Carol Kamweru from Band Beca finally addressed the elephant in the room. How did her family react to her not so real marriage to Eric Omondi?

Talking to Massawe Jappani, Carol said her family heard about the wedding from neighbors and friends who called them.

“My dad and brothers called me very concerned about the matter. They asked, what is the rush? What is happening? Wouldn’t he have come to see us first even paid dowry?”

Her mother knew what was happening though and that she had to keep it a secret for it to look real.

“My aunties would call and I would tell them, the wedding is legit. We had to keep it real. I had told a select few of my family members including my mother about the show. The whole show was choreographed and we talked about it beforehand.”

So many people judged Carol for the decision she made to portray such a life especially after involving her parents. But she has no regrets at all.

“I knew what I was doing.” She told Massawe

Asked if she has a boyfriend, carol said,

“No comment. My nonexistent boyfriend…there were many people who felt entitled to me. When the wedding happened, many hearts were broken.”

Well now we have the full story. But my question is, was her parents paid for this?

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