Eric Omondi’s Fiancée Reveals The Role Her Mum Played In Their Encounter

Eric Omondi is well known for his stand up comedy.

He is one of the best comedians Kenya has, and goes to great lengths to be funny even if it means dressing up in a school girl’s uniform or flexing his non existent biceps on camera.

Eric left Churchill to do his own show dubbed ‘Hawayuni’ that aired in KTN and also did ‘somewhere in Africa’ and ‘Untamed’.

The Kenyan comedian is deeply in love with an Italian girl by the name Chantal Juliet Grazioli.

Grazioli was born of an Italian father and a Kenyan mother making her, a ‘pointie’ a term used loosely to refer to people of a mixed race.
Chantal is passionate about community projects and is planning on starting a beauty Pageant.

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While their love has been blossoming for a while now, not many of us know about their sweet beginnings. Chantal has now shared the cute details behind their first encounter, revealing that her mother played a major role, and perhaps could have unknowingly matched them up.

Her heartwarming post has fans and followers responding in the kindest way. Read below.

eric omondi

Through her Instagram page she wrote to say;

“I don’t know if you remember this but this was the first picture we took together at Kasarani stadium you were the only Kenyan celebrity I knew, I was a big fan and I wanted a picture but I was too nervous to ask you (my hands says it all)! So my mom did it for me. I remember you were a little tipsy? I was rained on my hair and make up was ruined to get there.😂😢 the rest is history.”

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Eric omondi

m_nipher: And now you can confidently pour a drink on him😂😂vindu vichenjanga

mghendi_k:That’s so cute @miss.chanty ❤️and btw I love your little buddy smoothie! You are a wonderful couple… God’s blessings to both you and @ericomondi: as you find your future in him.

achiengdorothy077: Hahaha Eric u look so handsome with ur gal may God bless u all,

bettymkenya: Mmmm….realy…karibu KENYA💋

bettynah: So u made the move🤔🤔

effykaydesiree: Hahaha I remind the story of how your mum approached Eric on your behalf lol.. Beautiful story and indeed you look nervous @miss.chanty

eve_muguongo: Following for what happened next aliomba namba ya simu ama

muteguyaphiona: That isvso sweet….keep the fire burning @miss.chanty @ ericomondi…blessings!

[email protected]: year??

annamaweu: So sweet 😍

angel_minja_malaika: The rest is real a history…. ❤❤❤

[email protected]: kumaanisha ulikatiwa??? Just asking

maureenmasinde: Nice

carolbantu: Aaaaaahw 💑💑

winniesands: Next time I see my celeb crush I’m gonna take a photo with him, n no one will stop me 😀😀

carolbantu: Aaaaaahw 💑💑

shiroh93: So chanty made the first move…awwww…


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