Eric Omondi’s cosy photo with ex Miss Chanty and Jacque Maribe


This should be awkward… Why, just WHY isn’t it?

Eric Omondi, Jackie Maribe and Miss Chanty were amicably hanging out in a chance reunion.

Amicable splits are possible and real. These three give a masterclass on avoiding awkward encounters with the ex.

Through thick and thin, these three know how to support each other and respect the union they once shared.


It’s been only a couple months since Eric Omondi and Miss Chanty broke up, but the exes are on the best of terms. They shared a picture when she jetted back in, and now in a second moment with Erics baby mama Jackie, they posed together for a photo and jokingly stood together with Jackie hand on Erics shoulder.

Jacques comment has raised huge cheers from her social media fans who said it’s proof you’re better off as friends than lovers.

Mourinho style this Sunday, Chelsea meets Tottenham at 6.30, hii kitu haitaki makasiriko 😁😁😁 @ericomondi @miss.chanty wrote Jacque ina teasing manner.

To which a fan responded ‘Thanks for teaching us that bad blood in past relationships issues is a thing of 19Kotego’, while another wrote ‘kweli haitaki makasiriko’.

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