Eric Omondi tells men not invest big in chicks when they are not sure about the relationship

Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has been the talk of town for a minute now, and if you are not in the know, click here and here to catch up, then you will understand where this is going.

Soon after these events, Eric has seen it fit to advce us all on matters relationships. He begins with women saying this is what they need to know about men.

“When a man is investing on a side chick, he is definitely expecting something in return. So, the woman should not be surprised. When he pays for the house, buys you a car, takes you for shopping and gives you money, you are definitely his chick,so you should expect him to demand things from you. When a man plants, he expects to harvest. I is only natural even God says when you give, you receive!”


We all know him as a man who loves to spoil his woman and severally he has splashed stacks of cash on chantel in major ways. He explains to dudes,

” When you are hitting on a chiq and you want to impress her by buying things, don’t expect her to reciprocate because you are doing it to impress her. If she agrees to be with you, it is okay, and if she refuses, it is still okay, because no one forced you to throw her a birthday party, pay her rent or buy her a car. You did it because you wanted to. Men should not invest big in chicks when they are not sure about the relationship.”

Eric Omondi puts many men to shame by revealing how he was able to put up a billboard of his girlfriend

He also goes ahead to advice women who love getting free drinks in clubs telling them they can accept the drink, but should  avoid leaving with the guy if they don’t want anything.

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