Eric Omondi with Vera Sidika

Eric Omondi taunts Tanzanians using Vera’s blessed behind(video)

Eric Omondi has come out with yet another humourous video. The singer who has been on a roll this week has released a video where he taunts Tanzanians using Kenyan socialite Vera.


The reason for his taunting is the much-anticipated AFCON game between Kenya and Tanzania that is taking place today night. Kenyans will be hoping that it could be the game which perhaps offers Migne’s side a lifeline in a group which features two AFCON favorites – Algeria and Senegal.

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In the video, Eric can be seen getting handsy with a giggling Vera at her beauty parlour offices. We also get to see Vera in her most voluptuous form as Eric turns her around and we see her twice blessed behind. The comedian then goes ahead to tuck his hands inside Vera’s trousers as if reaching out to grab her derriere.


His caption was also a playful dig at our East African counterparts telling them that he knew that they had Wema Sepetu but Kenya had Vera! She, in essence, is the standard of beauty. He said in the video;

We have Vera, you cannot deal with her. We have a queen! Tanzanians, what do you have?

Kenya and Tanzania have an interesting relationship with each other. The stereotype is that Tanzanians view us Kenyans as aggressive and rude people who take their jobs, while we view them as meek, slow and lazy.

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Funny thing is that our celebrity women and their celebrity men are getting cozy at the moment. Just look at Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz or and Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol.

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