Eric Omondi spent 400k on 2 pairs of Balenciaga distressed sneakers

Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has revealed that he coughed up 400k for two pairs of the tattered, distressed Balenciaga shoes-the money includes shipping fees.

According to the luxury fashion brand, the lowest-priced shoe in the line starts at Sh266k and the most expensive pair clocks Sh74k.

On Wednesday, Eric took to social media to flaunt his fresh pair of the now-viral shoes.

Speaking in a phone interview with Mpasho’s Hannie Petra, Eric said he spent over 400k on the two pairs including the shipping fees. 

“I’ve just shown people one pair only. I bought those ones at 213 thousand shillings. I have the grey ones as well… yes I bought two pairs. I just spent over 400k on shoes,” he said.

The comedian bragged that he bought them because he thinks they are unique and the designer behind them was artistic and showcased their creativity.

“I bought them because they’re unique, artistic and creative, such an amazing statement piece, hakuna viatu zingine kama hizo.”

He says Kenyans should get used to seeing him rock the torn shoes all over because they’ll be part of him.

“Kwanza these ones I’ll wear them everywhere, you’ll never see me without them. I do not think I will be wearing any other pair in a long time.” 

Eric says he bought teh shoes as a way of rewarding himself hence he does not feel like it was moeny wasted.

“I do not feel like I wasted money. In all the years I’ve been alive how many pairs of shoes have I worn? Some people buy cars others houses, I bought shoes. Once in a while mtu anajitreat,” he replied.

Eric rubbished claims that the shoes he flaunted on social media were fake based on the old Balanciaga box.

“To those claiming the box is old, have you seen the shoes themselves? The packaging is a statement as well. Kwanza the box of the other pair looks older. It is the whole idea, inakuja na box inakaa imechapa” he defended himself.

Radio King Maina Kageni has also revealed that he has ordered tow pairs of the Balenciaga .

According to the fashion house, only 100 pairs of “extra destroyed” sneakers will be available to buy.

Meanwhile, the non-limited edition, and less roughed-up versions, are being sold on the Balenciaga website for $495 (57,479.)and $625 ( 72,575.)depending on the specific style.

Balenciaga describes the sneaker as a “retooled classic design,” which is finished with “distressed canvas and rough edges, affecting a pre-worn look.”

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