Avril vs Eric Omondi

Poll – Do you agree with Eric Omondi calling Avril a former musician in bitter exchange?

Eric Omondi ended 2020 with a bang! His wedding show, “Wife Material” was a hit with Kenyan audiences reminding them that the man with the largest Instagram following was still a force to reckon with.

But it seems that with his increasing clout and success from the show that his cockiness is showing. The man who has been on a honeymoon since marrying Carol of Bandbeca got the time to show off his boastful side with a challenge to Kenyan musicians. something that got Avril hot under the collar.

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It all started when Eric shared a post warning Kenyan musicians that comedians were now taking the steering wheel in the entertainment scene, writing;

This was due to his wedding video appearing at the top of YouTube trends for almost a week, something that the comedian found inspiring and note-worthy.

Avril responded to the post with a dig at Eric, saying she was fine with him trending as long as he told different jokes and not stick to the same one. “So long as you don’t keep saying the same jokes we are okay with you trending,” she wrote.

Eric hit back with a nasty jibe, taking a screenshot of her comment, hilariously labeling Avril as a former musician, “Now who is this? I was talking to musicians, not former musicians,” he replied.

Some might think this is a publicity stunt, as Avril was involved in a bitter spat last year with Naiboi before the two released a song together, proving that the feud might have been pre-planned.

This beef between Eric and Avril feels real to me and I have to ask, who do you think is right? Is Eric right that comedians are taking over the industry or is Avril’s dig that Eric keeps on repeating jokes an accurate response?

Simply put, whose opinion do you think is right, Eric or Avril? Please vote in the poll below:

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