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Eric Omondi parades his title deeds of his new Karen mansion home

Comedian Eric Omondi gave Kenyans a tour of what he says is his nine-bedroomed mansion.

A number of Kenyans later accused him of stage managing the unveiling of his new house for popularity.

Well, this did not go well with the self-proclaimed President of comedy.

In an explainer on his Instagram, Omondi dismissed the doubters, terming them as haters.

He went on and displayed evidence that he actually owned the house.

In a video, Omondi paraded the title deed in his name that was stamped on September 7, 2021.

“It is about time, Kenyans understood that comedy can pay, that music can pay, that football can pay and we need to start cultivating a culture that believes in the fruits of our work…ukilima utavuna!,” he said.

Yes the house is a multi-bedroom house and yes it can be used as Air BnB for now, and yes I bought it and own it. I can’t rent it out but I can lease it out. I am rarely around anyway. Sh75,000 per day but this offer stands until October 19 when I officially move in.

In an earlier interview, he hinted that politician Jimi Wanjigi had helped him acquire the property.

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Eric said that he had moved into the house three days ago.

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