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‘We vowed to stay best of friends’ Eric Omondi reveals how he met Maribe

Eric Omondi was interviewed this week by one of the radio stations in Kenya, with the man revealing a lot about his past. One of the things he talked about was his relationship with Jacque Maribe that has become the talk of the town after the revelation that he was the father of her son.

Eric Omondi with Jacque Maribe and their son
Eric Omondi with Jacque Maribe and their son

How did he meet the former Citizen TV presenter? He divulged that the two met while they were working at Radio Africa. At the time, he worked for Radio Jambo while Maribe was a reporter at Kiss TV.

‘Tulikutana na Jacque Maribe akiwa anafanya hapa. Mimi nilikuwa nafanya Radio Jambo, yeye alikuwa anafanya Kiss TV. Alikuwa reporter Kiss TV. Tukapatana tukakuwa marafiki sana. Tukaenda date pale Java Sarit Center,’ he said.

Eric-Omondi and Jacque Maribe together in the past
Eric-Omondi and Jacque Maribe together in the past

The comedian explained that the first date that the two had was at the Java at Sarit Center with their friendship growing overtime, even after they both left the media Group for other jobs.  ‘Tukawa marafiki na mimi nikatoka hata yeye akatoka akenda Citizen. Since then were tight.’ he added.

Eric-Omondi and Jacque Maribe kissing
Eric-Omondi and Jacque Maribe embracing in a file photo

Jacque has a way of getting the very best out of her male friends and Eric is no different. The comic revealed that the two decided to remain best of friends no matter what happens,

‘We’re the best of friends na sisi tunajiambia kila siku whatever happens, we’ll remain best of friends. Tunajikumbusha kila siku. She’s a true friend,” said Eric Omondi.

Na Jacque Maribe!? Eric Omondi says he speaks to Chantal everyday

In the interview, Eric also talked of his friendship with poet laureate Dennis Itumbi stating that they are very good friends. They are such good friends that when Jacque revealed that Zahari was Eric’s son, Dennis (who had been rumoured to have something for Maribe) was quick to congratulate the pair.

Dennis Itumbi and the journalist
Dennis Itumbi and Jacque Maribe


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