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Eric Omondi exposed as deadbeat, he responds

Eric Omondi says he has impregnated former Saldido signee Miss P. But fans aren’t having it as many believe that this might just be another stunt.

Omondi shared a photo that showed him holding Miss P’s “Baby Bump” and wrote’

“I met this Beautiful Woman 5 months ago in an event I was hosting. Whatever happened and I promised her I would take every Responsibility.

Children are a blessing from God,”

Media personality Jacque Maribe who sired a son with Omondi took a jab at the comedian;

“Responsibility? @catewamaribe come I can’t speak.  7 years of responsibility?”

Jacque’s sister Cate went ahead to reveal that he (Eric) tried to call Maribe, while live on air.

“Eric Omondi, now you have been exposed you are calling my sister while live on air thinking she will play along,” she wrote in part.

She added;

“Umemuanika kama nguo baridi kwa fence ya sengenge (you’ve aired him on a clothesline to dry)…good job, mama. Do not use our baby to chase clout.

Baba ni ule analea si sperm donor (fathers are responsible ones, not just sperm donors). PS bado nangojea umalize kupark gari unitumie fees ya mtoto wako (I’m still waiting for you to park your car and send your son’s school fees), oh sorry, was that last year?”

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