The comedian with Chantal Grazioli

Kenyans confused as Eric Omondi and Chantal unleash intimate bedroom video

Eric Omondi and alleged ex Chantal Grazioli set the internet ablaze when they posted a video getting cozy in the name of promoting Chantal’s new business.

The video which was put up on Eric’s Instagram page shows him and Chantal in bed. In the one minute clip, the comedian is seen caressing Chantal while lying comfortably on her chest, as they jam to Otile Brown’s new song featuring Sanaipei Tande “Aiyana”.

The video has prompted Netizens to question their break-up that went viral about a year ago.

Eric Omondi with Jacque Maribe and Chantal Graziano
Eric Omondi with Jacque Maribe and Chantal Graziano

Other’s wondered whether they were just clout-chasing with their break-up and nobody should take them seriously  because the bond between the two after the alleged break-up was still out of this world.

iam_ayew_bc “@gracey_jioms hii kitu haitaki makasiriko 😂😂”

chrisleeambalo “Sisi wakenya tumezoea kuchezewa akili mukiwachana tena mutatwambi😂😂”

sharonkb60 “Kwani huyu dem hana mafeelings???? Wah mi nishikwe adi thighs na nilenge kweli enyewe nobody can stop reggae if u no u no😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”

Kenyans react to video of Eric Omondi grinding on Akothee and Vera

willyloding “Kurudiana ni lazima….hyo long distance relationship Imeweza….Hii advertisement ya Chanty imeweza😂😂😂🤗🤗🤗.”

mumbe_muthui “Hii ni zone gani ya EXs ….ile siku ntafka hapa nta address the nation 😂😂😂me ni wale wa kuenda nkiendanga 😩”

Eric Omondi leading Chantal on a horse
Eric Omondi leading Chantal on a horse

In November last year, the comic made a U-turn on his alleged break up with girlfriend Chantal Juliet Grazioli, stating that they were still together.

“Me and Chantal we never broke up in the first place if you read what I wrote and what she wrote. She was going to school and also to do some other things. So we have not broken up and we are not on a break and we are not separated. So we never broke-up and she is coming for Christmas by the way, so mngoje akikuja mtauliza hizo maswali zingine,” said Eric Omondi.


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