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Bahati has a big family, we should give him all the Sh.100 M artistes fund – Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi has a knack for keeping Kenyans entertained and the best part about it, is that its relevant to the issues facing  Kenyans.

The comedian has removed a series of skits during this quarantine period that has been very memorable. From his skit on Mutahi Kagwe to his rendition of the Ghanaian pallbearers, the comedy has been on point and on fire.

Eric Omondi looking great
Eric Omondi looking great

And he has now set his sights on musician Bahati who is always in the media spotlight -unfortunately most times negatively.

In Eric’s hilarious video clip, he pretended to be Health CS Mutahi Kagwe and was dividing KSh 100 million that President Uhuru Kenyatta directed be given to the entertainment industry.

Bahati wearing white and blue
Bahati wearing white and blue

It was during this part that he decided to joke about the size of Bahati’s family switching roles and playing the part of Bahati coming to receive his share with all his clan – For those who are wondering, the singer takes care of 4 kids.

No social distancing – Jacque Maribe and Eric Omondi hang out watching movies

Now back in the CS role, Eric tells his men that Bahati should be given all the money to feed his big family. “Leave alone Willy Paul. I think you have seen Bahati. It is his luck that he has a lot of children. I suggest we give him all the money. We can see the product of the artiste and the needs and necessity of him being given the money,” says Omondi.

Eric Omondi looking great
Eric Omondi looking great

The skit was so funny that even his mentor Churchill Ndambuki had to praise Eric, writing, “Ile ujinga mnakuaga nayo.”

Watch the video below:

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