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Eric Omondi angry with KFCB boss for attacking him during a press briefing

Comedian Eric Omondi Saturday called out Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) boss over his recent comments that were somewhat targeted towards him.

The two have been in constant disagreement for a while with Omondi getting arrested one time over what was termed as explicit content.

Addressing the media, Ezekiel said that Kenyans are not selling their culture but are using the Rally as a ‘venue of absurdity and immorality.’

The KFCB boss said;

“In 50 years, hakuna mtu atajua Eric Omondi alikuwa msanii wa kusikika. Naomba wakati huo atakuwa anajivunia vitu alikuwa anafanya wakati huo.”

This statement rubbed the comedian the wrong way and was forced to respond on his social media.

Eric said;

“Lakini Jokes aside ni nini niliwai fanyia huyu mzee honestly. This statement is very archaic. The work of a Creative or any Serious Comedian like myself is to simply Mirror the society, I reflect our behaviour as a people so that we not only laugh at ourselves but pick a lesson or two. Bwana Ezekiel please wake up these things are happening in our Society and we need to ask ourselves why? Recently you strongly defended a politician who was caught in a similar situation but today you Strongly Condemn a Comedian for Joking about the same.”

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Eric Omondi in his new outfits
Eric Omondi in his new outfits

He added;

“You are like a Parent who finds his children sweeping the house and asks them to keep the dirt and garbage under the Carpets instead of taking the trash outside. Hiyo nyumba bado itanuka tu. I challenge you Sir to stop making these statements from the Comfort of your office in Nairobi and come down to Naivasha and experience and Witness the beauty that is Safari Rally. Anyway mimi ntakua Kazini pale Barons Sports Club Delamere Naivasha nikichekesha Wakenya Pamoja na Mejja na DJ Joe Mfalme. Tupatane huko. Daktari you Invited,” finished Omondi.

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