‘Epuka ufala’ Pastor Burale slams fake Kenyans who ‘enjoy’ others funerals

Alot has been said about people who are more likely to attend your funeral and celebrate you then, as opposed to supporting you in happier times such as weddings such as birthdays and weddings, and we do have to agree with this.

In some communities from the Western part of the country especially the Luo’s, mourners are treated to feasts that include slaughtered bulls, chicken and goats despite the fact that most of these families are struggling financially.

Despite the fact that the dead are treated to a royal feast, it’s sad that during their lifetime no one really bothered about them, whether they sleep hungry or not is no ones business.

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Pastor Burale has come out hitting hard at people who have the tendency of only  showering their loved ones with gifts, some go an extra mile of buying them designer suits and classy coffins.

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He wrote

“If the budget for food is the highest at a funeral then a mind shift is needed…Some people never even took milk when he/she was alive but you want to eat so much at the funeral as if you are the guest of honour… The fire that  will burn you is still in a board meeting
Epuka Ufala … The Coach”

This message is especially timely for fake middle class Nairobians, who never even travel back to the village for their mentality that they are too sophisticated for that life.

Just the other day Akothee advised Kenyans not to try keeping up with other people given the fact that most people live fake lives on social media.

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