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Are you enjoying your marriage? Diamond’s step-father questions

Uncle Shamte is married to Mama, Dangote, Diamond Platnumz’s father. The two have kept their relationship in public and have been showering fans with love quotes on social media.

Well, the lovebirds are too in love with Uncle Shamte asking fans whether they are as happy in their marriages as he is.

‘Sijui kama wote walioingia kwenye Ndoa wana enjoy kuoa kama mimi? Najiuliza alafu majibu yanasema ndoa ni daraja tu ila kilichokufa kwake ni moyo wangu ulionasa ukanasika,’

In response, Mama Dangote repiled by saying that she loves himmore than he could imagine

Nakupenda mume wangu zaidi yako hakuna (I love you more, there is no other)

When they first started showing their relationship in public, the two were forced to show their marriage certificate on social media due to fans’ criticism.

Mama Dangote was also slammed for dating a man much younger than her but they say age is just a number.

Both had kids of their own before marrying each other.

Uncle Shamte recently revealed that none of them had been married to their previous partners.

Uncle Shamte has kept his kids private while Mama Dangote’s kids are music mogul Diamond Platnumz and business woman Esma Khan.

Diamond celebrates mom and his baby-mamas in hearty Mother’s Day message

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