Enjoy these rare photos of Beyonce’s twins as they turn two


Beyonce’s twins Rumi and Sir Carter turn 2 years old and her fans are elated.

They have yet to be seen out in public for a while, but we think it’s right to know the twins with these rare snaps Beyonce shared a year ago.

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In April, 2019 Beyonce shared about the pregnancy journey with Sir and Rumi saying she underwent an emergency c section.

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Beyoncé used her Netflix documentary to reveal that she had to undergo an emergency cesarean delivery for the birth of her twins after one of them momentarily stopped breathing.

rumi and sir 4

In ‘Homecoming’ – the two hour and 17 minute documentary released on Wednesday morning – the iconic songstress shared details about the traumatic birth of her twins in June 2017.

‘My body went through more than I knew it could,’ she said on the Netflix documentary. ‘I was 218 pounds the day I gave birth.’


The ‘Formation’ singer offered an inside look at her life leading up to Coachella last year, candidly sharing that the birth of Rumi and Sir Carter really took its toll on her body.

‘I had an extremely difficult pregnancy,’ she continued. ‘I had high blood pressure.’

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‘I developed toxemia – preeclampsia – and in the womb, one of my babies’ heartbeat paused a few times, so I had to get an emergency c-section.’

She doesn’t go into specifics in naming which twin caused the complication.

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