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They are too emotional!-Kenyan men’s number 1 complaint to Maina about working with women

Maina Kageni’s topic this morning reflected the changing cultural trends and landscape affecting many offices and businesses in the country especially as far as gender relations, sexual harassment, and sexual orientation goes.

But Maina was particularly focused on Kenyan mens’ experiences working with women?

The comments came in like a flood with many men telling their stories about dealing with women. Some are below;

Women apply their emotions in everything and that’s why they are not best suited for leadership. There are things they should not be allowed to do.

It true Maina remembers in the Bible Haggai was emotional and kept Ishmael away from her and went into tears. Remember the story of Jezebel how she reacted.

I have confidence on women have not seen Mumbi Ngugi make any ruling with emotion she has always been praised for her rulings. Both men and women study same school & read same books what make men think they are better? New Zealand has a woman president & managing COVID very well.

Could be true, could be false, personally when mad either at my mom or my bros, I go to work n I literally don’t talk to anyone n at times I gesture to customers.

This is just how our grandfathers were taught. The current generation is more civilized and have shunned male chauvinism . Women nowadays are singlehandedly bringing up a sober family than me. Let women be.

Tell these men who think we don’t deserve these positions waende wakalale.

The problem is I don’t trust women’s decisions. But let’s wait and see.

Haha…i just think its time for men to appreciate women are doing better in power…

When men hear the word woman all that comes to their mind is their girlfriend or wife, and that why they are so judgemental.

Alaaa! Huyo lazima amekunywa uji bila sukari ndio maana analeta porojo huku… Mlete nimpee sukari aache makasiriko!

The problem of women is emotions and afterthought decisions.

This idea of women are not able to make decisions is absolute nonsense. These people have not even allowed Martha Koome to make those mistakes. Will she be the first?

I even can’t imagine these are Kenyan men!! Am disappointed in them, let’s give ladies chances to leadership.

I have worked with a woman boss for quite a time now and have not seen any negative side of her, has always put things in order and sometimes going ahead to make decisions without itching her.

Its chaos they complain too much there attention is switched on more gossiping, every time they need to be off work bure kabisa.

The modern work environment is full of tension and complexities. Women, who tend to have quiet and less aggressive nature, can handle these tensions and complexities better than men. Using these qualities they understand any concern better than men and formulate a solution quickly.

There are some things women cannot handle and that’s a fact. We love and respect them but hapo no.

Can they list things women can’t do, then we can work on it.

You need to work on handling your emotions first before tuwaambie ukweli.

That slogan of what a man can do a woman can do better makes them think they can handle everything.

I agree but not all ladies, we have very brilliant and intelligent ladies, let’s give them a chance and support them.

Kenyan society is most patrilineal, therefore the issue of women in responsibility emerges emotionally.

They forget that men also have weaknesses…..the skirt weakness.

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