Emmy Kosgei

Emmy Kosgei narrates how Paul Tergat saved her career

Emmy Kosgei ametoka mbali, this is despite the fact that today she commands attention even in foreign countries such as the US.

Creating and building her brand to what it is now has not been an easy journey.

That is why, it is hard to fathom that at one time, she struggled to pay 50,000 so as to have her video produced.

Emmy Kosgei

In a candid Instagram post she wrote

#myTESTIMONY 🚨This is a major #tbt launch of #TAUNETNELEL at St. Andrews church nairobi.This album was birthed with lots of tears!!😭😢I waa broke I couldn’t afford to pay one off for the production so I had managed to pay 250k to my video producer then #princecammedia,I didn’t have the balance of 50k so agreed that I pay it after the album launch.we went ahead and planned.. on friday I remember vividly I called to find out on the vcd/dvd copies progress… my producer then #paulmukoma told me he is out of town and the company is under new management! They can’t release the master if we don’t pay the balance!”

Emmy Kosgei
Emmy Kosgei

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She goes on to add that despite her tears and begging pleas everything seemed to have hit a  dead end until her knight in shining amour appeared.

“I begged and begged with no help.. this was evening,1 day to the concert,adverts are out..I couldn’t sleep,I cried helplessly,my parents were out of town,on Saturday morning I tried to beg but no luck, my dad sent cheque through his office the producer said the won’t take cheques🙉 he is in thika and we shouldn’t call if we don’t have cash😢😭😭 #God sent an angel,one of my big fans #paulTergat who called to find out if all is set for the concert!”

Emmy Kosgei

She adds

“I cried he asked why? I told him what happened he came to my rescue🙌🙌he told me to wait where I was,he went to the bank and gave me the cash 50k. Now I didn’t get my master till night,we produced copies in my house till 5am with my team! We were so tired,no sleep 😂😂we ministered at #npcvalleyroad 1st n2nd service! They bought all the DVDs …we headed straight to the concert. It was whaaat ! A major success! The hall was filled to the brim! God did it for us!! That’s why this album is unstoppable! #TAUNETNELEL bshp.#obonyo presided over and prophesied nations! See  what the lord has done today!”

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