Emmy Kosgei’s hubby Pastor Madubuko does something sweet for Kenyans

Emmy Kosgei is a renowned  gospel artist known for her hit song such as Taunet Nelel and O’lolo. She comes from the Rift Valley Province. She jetted in with her hubby, Apostle Anselm Madubuko ahead of the elections tomorrow.


She joined in prayers for the country for a peaceful election, the leaders and Kenyan’s at large at the Kiserian yesterday hosted by Apostle Anselm.

This comes at a time when everybody is praying and asking for peace all over and urging one another not to shed blood or hate on each other despite of whoever one will vote for.

Elections will come and go and people will go back to their normal activities and at the end of the day, Kenya will remain being Kenya.

Taking Kenyan’s into the hands of God, the said musician was also part of the prayers.

Emmy wrote on social media, “We continue with prayers for Kenya! Lets connect this powerful prayer and declaration for elections by apostle Anselm Madubuko yesterday in Kiserian! Kenya shall be safe, there will be no bloodshed. Kenya will not burn, we decree any satanic sacrifices, satanic alters and manipulation will not take anybody to the throne of Kenya!”

She added, “Satanic covenants will fail those that have done it, those that have bowed to foreign gods…those that have compromised with blood to rule, may your mighty power be stretched now, you will fight them! Disappoint the demons of blood, we feed them with the blood of Jesus, they will not drink innocent blood! We super impose the prophetic purpose at this time for Kenya! Blood of Jesus over any sacrifices offered on blood of innocent people! We allign the entire leadership, president, deputy president, all houses to the will of God!”


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