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Embarambamba is not a role model – Kenyans answer overwhelmingly in poll

This year, Kisii musician Embarambamba has captivated the nation with his over-the-top antics which have gone viral on social media.

His antics involve running around in a garden and at one point, jumping atop a terrified cow. The startled cow proceeds to throw him off its back before running off.

In another scene off one of his music videos, Embarambamba is seen lying in the mud while donning a white suit.

His antics have prompted the launch of a petition calling for him to be barred from performing such stunts. The petition addressed the CS Ministry of Health, Kenya Mental Health Board, Kenya Psychiatrists Association, Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB), Kisii Council of Elders among other bodies saying that the singer’s antics might prove harmful not only to himself but also to fans.

“Nguzo Africa on behalf of concerned Kenyans hereby petition the above-mentioned institutions to urgently stop the Kisii artist “Embarambamba” whose official names are Chris Mosioma from performing peculiar stunts that may affect his safety, followers and the environment,” the petition read in part.

Embarambamba danger to himself-Ezekiel Mutua voices concern for gospel singer

This petition and Kenyans reactions on Twitter have prompted Classic105 to hold a poll on what they think of the musician and his behaviour?

Our poll question read, Is Embarambamba a role model to you or a momentary sensation that will soon be forgotten? The poll results are in and most Kenyans believe he is a flash in the pan whose 15 minutes of fame will soon end.

Embarambamba screenshot
Embarambamba screenshot

Read some of the comments below from Kenyans who voted on the poll;

I honestly don’t understand why this Embarambamba should an issue, he does whatever he does to survive so is any of us.

Talks all morning every day the only time he pauses when music is playing and we do not question his intentions instead we love him for it.

None of the above. He is not a role model but neither is he a sensation, momentary or otherwise.

Aty role model?? Oooliskia wapi?

Atachoka soon.

Why am I thinking of mud anyways the man himself is doing whatever he does to survive, can be any of us.

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