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Embarambamba should be arrested! Kenyans say after singer nearly hit by boda boda

Embarambamba has been the viral sensation in 2021 the way Tik Tok queen Azziad dominated the headlines last year after her glorious dancing titillated Kenyans.

Unlike Azziad who got nearly unanimous praise for her dancing skills and wonderful smile, the gospel musician from Kisii County has divided Kenyans with his antics.

Some like Ezekiel Mutua have been on record warning that the singer might be a danger to himself. And just like clockwork Embarambamba hasn’t disappointed with his most recent crazy behaviour.

Embarambamba danger to himself-Ezekiel Mutua voices concern for gospel singer

The artist was captured on video been a danger to himself and others while shooting one of his infamous music videos. In the video, Embarambamba is seen trying to cross the busy Southern Bypass while a bodaboda bike is on the road.

The musician is lucky that his quick reflexes allow him to stop just in time before he runs onto the road where he would most likely have been hit by the rider.

Kenyans on Twitter didn’t spare the artiste and asked for something to be done about the gospel singer’s behaviour. Check out the full video below;

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