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Embakasi East Aspirant Babu Owino Wows Kenyans After Sharing The Cutest Photo Of His Wife

It’s not everyday that politicians or those aspiring to be, share pictures of their spouses. Perhaps some don’t want us to intrude into their lives, or others are happy to show off their significant other, and let the world know it.

It also happens to be young politicians who allow us a peak into their lives, while the older leaders hardly share pictures.

Among Kenyan politicians who have let us into their private world is Ababu Namwamba, Isaac Mwaura, Johnson Sakaja, Steve Mbogo among others. The latest to show us his spouse is Embakasi East aspirant Babu Owino. The former controversial university students leader is gunning for the seat come this August on an ODM ticket.

He will be fighting it out with other contenders, and as part of his campaign effort he shared the cutest photo of his wife playing with children that caught the attention of Kenyans online.

The heart-warming photo has impressed many, especially those who have never seen his wife.

Check out her cute photo below;


Some KOT expressed surprise at finding out he had a wife, while others shared happy thoughts.

Mathews Jumba beautiful wife…comrade. wish you a landslide win for her to be Hon. Fridah Ongili

TcrKumbe uko married bwana… wanted to give you ma siz… hahahahahahaha…

#LackOfKnowlege.. My Goodness, the guy is married??

Martin Mwangihehe, kumbe you are Married. Nice one.

Mfundi Mvundla‏ Babu…. Chezesha yeye mpaka kalongo.


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