The closest person to me left me in a position I could have died-Elodie Zone narrates

Youtuber Elodie Zone and former fling of hunk Sean Andrew related a horrible weekend assault that left her traumatized.

The incident she said happened after her male friend threw her out of the car and left her on the highway to find her way home, way after the 11 pm curfew.

“Ladies, have friends and be with a man that will protect you. You never want to hit the ground unsure of who will and won’t be there to catch you. My experience last night was an eye-opener. The closest person to me left me in a position where I could have died. I would never wish that on anyone!”

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Don’t spend your time on earth being watered down, all in the name of ‘wanting people to like you.’ Often times we find ourselves in situations where we want to be overly expressive but silence speaks on our behalf because the thought of looking “childish” is scary. Being sad is human nature but we’ve learned to suppress it due to fear of looking “weak.” As people, we’re so obsessed with having other people like us that we take it a step further….we don’t just ignore our emotions, we change our character, study things we aren’t passionate about, work in jobs we hate, pretend to be something we aren’t. Society tells us we need to act a certain way, but it’s all in the name of impressing people that shouldn’t even matter. If there’s one thing I want you to learn from me: be yourself and love yourself. Peoples opinions of you are none of your business.

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She later added,

“Finally home safe. had a really bad ending to the night yesterday. Nairobi is so dangerous! I thank God for my life. I genuinely didn’t think I’d make it to see this day. Imagine having to pick between sexual assault, death or both. I’m completely drained.”

After a lot of concern from friends and fans, Elodie narrated how a night out partying turned dark and dreary.

“Hey, a lot of you have been asking what happened to me the other night. I don’t wanna go into too much detail, but after an event in Westlands, a friend was drunk and he left me on the side of the road past curfew after a fight.”

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In every woman’s life there comes a time when she has to make a choice between pleasing herself or the world. My time came at the beginning of the year and, well, you guessed it…I chose myself. No more working for people that don’t see my value. No more answering phone calls from people that are looking for something. No more negative energy and no more self doubt. My mental and physical state when I took this photo last year is on the opposite side of the spectrum from where it is now. Yes, I now say no to the world, but the journey so far has given me much more because within me lives the universe. • #spiritualawakening #spirituality #spiritual #universe #energy #frequency #vibrations

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She continued,

“As I walked home cops found me and began harassing me. I called the friend to help me moments before my phone died and he never came back. I saw him turn the car around and drive right past me. The cops (3 men) began to physically grab me before forcing me into a car. We drove around lavington for a while before a stranger came to my rescue.”

She finished off by saying,

“We always hear such scary stories about things that happen to girls and it reached a point in the car where I had to prepare myself mentally for anything. i thank god for the stranger that saved me that night. they are truly an angel on earth.”

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I drive you crazy? …put on your seatbelt 😉

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She concluded her sad tale by saying,

“if I know you personally, please don’t call me to talk about it. i need space as i move forward.”

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