Elodie Zone retracts scary abuse claims against musician Nviiri

A few days ago, Vlogger Elodie Zone came out detailing how Sol Generation’s Nviiri the Storyteller abused her physically and emotionally.

The revelations were explosive. Elodie wrote on her social media, “There are videos online of him slamming me against a table and leaving me and my baby cousins at a club past curfew. Cross check with my ‘life is good’ highlight. The first vid.”

Elodie says she had been told to stop speaking up on social media.

“I’ve hidden bruises from my past two relationships. I’ve felt stupid and have been undermined. Inc kept quiet. I’ve been told to stop speaking up on social media cause I’ll look like I’m ‘acting out.’ I’ve been told that depression means you overact.. etc… all are total nonsense. I want men and women in my position to raise their voices! We may be small but our voices cannot be silenced.”

The closest person to me left me in a position I could have died-Elodie Zone narrates

Today morning, Elodie came out to set the record straight.

“Nviiri and I came to coast with our friends to unwind, relax and make peace with each other.”


“When I made my post it was fueled by tension and an afternoon of a few too many drinks. Neither one of us thought it would be blown out of proportion the way it has been. Blogging sites and bloggers have also begun to spread misinformation and this is affecting our careers and family lives.”

“We are both moving forward with full respect and peace and plan on continuing the year focused on our work lives only. Kindly be considerate of the situation and do not send hate to him or myself.”

Elodie Zone with Nviiri

“I’m sorry if this has painted us to be something we aren’t. Good content, clothing and music will continue coming from us and our teams.”

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