Eko Dydda

Eko Dydda refutes claims of throwing his wife and kids out of their home

Gospel artiste Eko Dydda has refuted claims that his wife Cynthia Ayugi and son’s Am Blessed and Keep It Real are homeless.

He rubbished claims that he has kicked his wife and two sons to the curb after a domestic quarrel during an interview with SDE.

There is nothing like that. Personally, I am hearing for the first time just as you are.

You know me and the values I hold on family.

My sons and wife are very dear to me. Those stories are negative energies that I have no time for stuff that holds no substance.

Did Jesus ever kick anyone out?  I live a life of positivity.

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Eko Dydda with his wife and kids at a past event

My sons and wife are not homeless, they are happily living with me.

Keep it real even won a medal a few days ago playing football and he is heading to Qatar with his six-year-old brother to represent Kenya in the Under 9 category. said Dydda.

The couple have been together for more than a decade and we hope that they will be together for many more years.

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