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Poll results – Kenyans vote on effect Edgar Obare’s ‘Tea’ is having on society

Edgar Obare burst forth onto the Kenyan spotlight in 2020. And was it because of his artistic talents?! Noooooo…It was all because of his penchant for having the most exclusive and scandalous tea on the internet.

Tea for those of you not in the know is the colloquial term used by many to describe gossip. The man has been the bane of many a Kenyan celebrity while being a boon to a hungry Kenyan public who can’t get enough of his expose’s.

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Celebrities like Dj Mo, Natalie Tewa, Terrence Creative and Yummy Mummy all have a bone to pick with him as the scandals that he puts on his Instagram page are highly damaging to the stars exposed.

It even forced the likes of Natalie Tewa to take a break from social media after he exposed her passport online. And even this incident didn’t deter nor his claim that he was tortured by the police after he exposed a certain radio personality.

Edgar Obare smiling
Edgar Obare smiling

This has me asking the Classic105 audience, “Is Edgar Obare’s ‘Tea’ having a positive or negative effect on the Kenyan society?”

The close poll results show that Kenyans are extremely divided on the question with the negative side of the column getting 50.4% of the vote.

Edgar Obare screenshot
Edgar Obare screenshot

Read some of the comments from Kenyans who voted below:

Depends on whom he targets.

I’m sure it’s ladies who voted Positive cz Edgar Obare ako na umama sana!

Wacha atupee udaku Ya KEMSA & Corruption not abt private lives.

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