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Poll-Do you believe Edgar Obare’s story that he was tortured by the police?

Yesterday, his “Teaness” Edgar Obare narrated an experience that he went through at the hands of his supposed abductors after it was reported that he had gone missing on Monday.

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#EdgarObare Narrates What Happened Yesterday 😟

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Obare claimed that the people who had abducted him had refused to reveal their identities after whisking him into a car. They then covered his eyes so that he could not see which direction they were heading towards.

β€œThey accused me of extorting money from these people and asked who pays me to insult people. They all verbally threatened me saying if I ever exposed him for cheating, he would kill me, another guy said that he would f**k me in the ass,” said Obare in one of his many posts.

He added that the kidnappers kept asking him about DJ Mo, Size 8, Jalang’o, Joho and why he insulted them, and that he should look for a better job to do.

After refusing to answer their questions, Obare claims the guys beat him up before they drugged him using drinking water which he had asked for, before they stripped him naked in the car, and took pictures of his private parts. He was eventually dumped at a thicket near Nyeri.

These allegations came right after Xtian Dela claimed on Monday that his friend had gone missing after he was picked by unknown people claiming to be police from the Kiambu Law courts where he had gone for the mention of a case against him.

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#EdgarObare arrested at the Kiambu law courts .

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But there are some who have come out to poke holes at Egdar’s account. One of those people is famous Instagram provocateur Joe Muchiri. His post which is below drew mixed reactions, with some supporting his doubting Edgar’s story while others were firmly in Obare’s corner.

And this brings me to my current poll question. Do you believe Edgar Obare’s story? Please vote below:

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