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I don’t feel safe – Edgar Obare says after being held at Gigiri Police Station

The din is rising for prominent social personality Edgar Obare to get released from prison. For those of you that aren’t aware, Edgar has been in police custody this past week.

Xtian Dela
Xtian Dela

His contemporary Xtian Dela is leading the charge, disclosing that Mr. Obare’s devices had been confiscated and it was his media team that was posting updates.


The man who has become infamous for his famous expose`s on popular celebrities has been at Gigiri police station and is complaining that he feels unsafe while there.

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Using his verified social media pages, Edgar claimed not to be safe at the station with a tweet that read, “I am not safe and I don’t feel safe where I’m being held, I have struggled with getting bail but now I understand why it’s being denied. Please support #freeedgarobare.”

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Other posts on his Instagram page further added that police had sought to transfer him to another facility overnight.
Mr. Obare was summoned after a complaint allegedly filed by YouTuber Natalie Tewa.

The beef with Natalie might have started after some of his followers shared alleged receipts with him of her alleged whereabouts a few weeks. The claim was that she and Mombasa governor were in Dubai at the same time coincidentally!

Natalie Tewa finally speaks after rumours linking her to Governor Joho

The social media personality has been the hottest thing in town the past year with Edgar exposing the likes of Terrence Creative and Alex Mwakideu to name just a few.

Edgar Obare smiling
Edgar Obare smiling

This has caused him to build a steady supply of animosity from many celebrity quarters.

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