Eddie Butita

“It was a bad year that came with unique break-throughs”-Eddie Butita narrates(exclusive)

Eddie Butita became a household name when he started featuring on Churchill Show. The man has leveraged the fame and has progressed with verve and vigour since then.

Like most Kenyans, Eddie had an interesting 2020 after the craziness that Covid-19 wrecked. In a recent interview I did with him, Eddie spoke about it and has some surprising insights.

He told me that it had been a mixed year for him. “It was a bad year that came with unique break-throughs. I just discovered other avenues. I think it opened up new avenues as far as art is concerned. Like in 2019, there was a way that we were making money. In 2020, other ways opened up that didn’t exist before.”

He saw the silver lining about 2020, telling me, “If things come back to normal, we have new doors that opened and old doors that we were used to. My digital business really grew in terms of inquiries and business. And the reason for that was because most clients only had that avenue for marketing their products. They weren’t able to do below-the-line, on-ground activations.”

‘Thank you for believing in me,’ Eddie Butita tells Larry Madowo as he leaves NTV

Eddie has now decided to change the way he conducts feature business after the lessons he learnt last year.

“It also taught me to scale down when doing live events. It showed us that there is a way to minimise on costs and make more money. Either we do digital alone or combine both in the future. In fact, I got a Eureka moment where my thought was how to get a bigger audience to the masses that aren’t present. Having a concert in Nairobi, how do we reach people who aren’t in Nairobi? People who are willing to watch and pay.”

But while there was a lot of progress physically, the shows where he could get quick cash (like an impromptu weekend show) went down drastically.”

Another positive for the thespian was that the pandemic made him start saving more while also divesting in other industries that were fully running like food.

Please listen to the comedian speak about the story above below:

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