E-sir’s death inspires road safety awareness campaign

Kenyan legend E-sir lost his life in a tragic road accident while he was returning from a concert in Nakuru and this was a sad moment for all Kenyans.

Many Kenyans can attest to having lost a loved one through road accidents, probably caused by speeding, drunk driving, poor roads and other ways.

Road accidents in Kenya happen almost daily and each and everyday we are reminded to drive safely in our roads but like we know, Kenyans are always in a hurry and impatient in the roads.

It has been 15years since E-sir’s death and he still remains in Kenyan’s heart and on 29th March, fellow musicians Nameless, Habib,Vivian and other celebrities came together to hold a road safety awareness campaign.

Nameless posted on social media the aim of the awareness.

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“Discussing road safety on citizen Extra… We launching the Moss Moss road safety campaign in honor of the late Esir today… We will be at Machakos bus stop today talking to drivers and passengers heading on Easter travels to be safe… Blessup fam.”

Since Easter has just began it is important for people who are traveling to remember that ‘haraka haraka haina baraka’ so that they can get to their destination safely.

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Safety on roads for pedestrians as well as for drivers is an important aspect in today’s life.

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