Size 8 with DJ Mo together

Lazima uweke Yesu kwa dryspell? Size 8 asked after bedroom advise

Size 8 and Dj Mo shocked many Kenyans when they ventured forth to advise those couples with what some might consider is naughty information.

I thought you guys were saved! Dr. Ofweneke cheekily tells DJ Mo and Size 8

The gospel couple who unapologetically profess their Christianity was out and about promoting a tour company on their Instagram pages.

Size 8 posing with Dj Mo
Size 8 posing with Dj Mo

Shortly after checking into the luxury villas, Size 8 took to social media to urge lovers who are experiencing a dry spell in their bedrooms to consider going to Maiyan.

“Hiii roof top uuuuuuwwwwiiii private heated pool, private jacuzzi,sitting area, waaaaaaa……… wale wako on dry spell kuja hapa you unlock it in Jesus name 😂😂😂😂😂😂………,” wrote Size alongside a video of the lovebirds checking out the facilities.

Dj Mo with Size 8
Dj Mo with Size 8

She also added, “Let me tell married couples out there..Kuna season kunakuwanga na kale kadry spell kwa marriage. Wenye wako kwa marriage wananielewa…Now unakuja hapa Maiyan rooftop una unlock dryspell.”

An excited DJ Mo adds: “Kabisa!”

Kenyans who saw the video were surprised by the candour that the couple had showed and didn’t hold back, one even asking if Size 8 had to bring Jesus into dry spell ‘manenos’, and the singer maintained that it is Jesus who kicks out the dry spell demon.

“Kwani nani atafukuza shetani ya dry spell ni yesu tu,” said Size 8.

Size 8 smiling
The singer smiling

Here are some more reactions from the Instagram community;

kabiwajesus 🤣😂🤣😂 ati una unlock dryspell
margaretw854n Unlock dryspell😂😂😂😂…..i love you guyz blessed
itsblessin At this rate we are going to start anticipating 3rd born now.
iamchimano Hahahaha love you guys
tesssakuda 🔥🔥ku-unlock dry spell 🤣🤣🤣aki ww mooh
soffymicahbz63 🤣😂🤣😂dryspell is killing me
richyneb_ Wapi hapo nije nijiburudishe😘
winnie.moana I swear size 8 unamalizia Mo food😂😂…mama your growing😍😍#always keep smiling
suekigwai 😂😂😂😂….ati ku-unlock dry spell
kamunyi.p Sasa nyumba yenu inakuanga na kelele hivyo
mc_eddie_official So mlifanya mambo rooftop😂
dreamgalmercy Lazima uweke Yesu kwa dryspell 😆😂😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️

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