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Drawing and painting! Vera Sidika unveils her photos of her hidden talent

What are you all doing with your lives during this quarantine season?

Vera Sidika is surviving and she keeps on surprising us with her hidden talents.

The other time, nobody thought she could sing. Then boom, she did a hit song after breaking up with one, Otile Brown.

The song garnered over a million views on YouTube.

She has now revealed  her new talent.

Well, the bootylicious beauty took to Instagram to reveal that she was going back to drawing and painting, a hobby she truly loved.

Sweethearts I’m going back to drawing and painting. For Y’all that probably don’t know, I have talent in Art yup. I am artist.

I’ll be creating a few art pieces soon a record an entire process while at it! It’s about to be fun” said Vera.

I miss art, I’m going back to drawing and painting , Vera Sidika.


In another Insta story, Vera revealed that before she got busy and neglected her talent, she used to paint.

I had so much time on my hands before I got so busy and neglected my talent, but I’m back bishes” shared Vera.

Her revelation comes a few days after she disclosed that she would get a baby if she survives the Coronavirus pandemic, adding that life is too short to keep on postponing her desires.

“I miss my baby 😢😫😭If I survive this Covid19 I’m making a baby 😝 Life is too short, 🤭” said Vera Sidika.

She said she will be getting a baby this year on next year.

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Check out the posts and some of her art work.




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