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Kenyans narrate the most dramatic things their mothers did to them

Our mothers are the best thing that life has to offer but more often than not they make our life unbearable for embarrassing us with their tight rules.

People took to social media to narrate some of the worst things their mothers ever did to them and the responses are hilarious.

Check them out below

“I used my Mum’s shower cap yesterday and because I didn’t return it to the right place in the bathroom, she told me to start looking for a new place to live (no, she wasn’t joking).”


Another adds

“When I was in JSS1 in boarding school, I wrote a letter to my mum asking for provisions. She corrected the errors and brought the letter back on visiting day. “

Just when you think you have read enough another adds

“I remember putting on her rosary on a cold December morning. I was like, this thing feels cold, she replied “that’s what rosary does to demons”.

Another stubborn woman narrates how she woke up and found her mother praying by her side

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Another narrates how her ‘smart’ mother called the police on her

“My mum called the police and filed a missing persons report because she managed to forget that i was staying the weekend at a friends house a few hours after I told her she gave them my toothbrush to swab for DNA to find me quicker .”


Another lady confesses that one day her mum took a joke so serious leaving the both of them embarrassed.

“I took my mum out to dinner as my treat, as the food arrived, I joked that I wasn’t actually paying and I hope she brought her card.. she left me at the restaurant & drove home before I could even say I was joking. Was so embarrassing .”

Another adds

“My mum called me from Africa and I could barely hear her because she was mumbling and sounded very weak.

She managed to mumble that she was alone and was dying.

I was crying screaming down the phone in the middle of the street, she went silent and I broke down then I heard her mumble again.

I couldn’t understand, so I asked her to repeat her self and with all the energy she could muster to mumbled “I drank too much gin”. Basically her and my dad were just living their best life¬† “

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