From drama queens to quiet ones, here are the type of women in chamas

Over the years, chamas have been an easy channel for women to save and later on rake big through merry go round. Women have achieved much through these chamas giving them the much needed financial freedom.

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Some have been able to purchase tracks of lands and developed it into real estate with some deciding to subdivide it. However, one can easily observe the different characters of women that form them.

1. Quiet members

silence woman

These are the women whose major purpose is to show up in these chamas meetings and listen to the day’s agenda. They don’t speak a word and you can never know what their stand is. Most times they have to be forced to pitch in with their ideas regarding a certain issue. They least cause trouble and in case they don’t like how a chama is being operated, they quit.

2. Smart minds

intelligent woman

They are the engines of chamas. Without them, most of these chamas would be dead. They poke holes to proposals made and help the chamas avoid massive downfalls. They help track the finances contributed and are the ones sent out to for major assignments. They work their minds in the best way possible for the greater good of the chama. Most of them have managerial duties bestowed upon them.

3. Drama queens

These are the biggest fall back of a chama. They are petty, causing unnecessary trouble.


They find fault in everything and always want to lead the rest of the members astray. They are indecisive and offer opinions when not needed. Most chamas drag behind because of their uncouth behavior. They run their mouths most of the time.

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4. Rumour mongers

Their main agenda has always been getting into other people’s personal lives. Kazi yao ni kudakua. They carry bedroom affairs regarding other people. If you want to know who’s cheating on who, who gets chased out of the house in the middle of the night, who talks back at their husbands, they’d gladly offer you that information. Where they get to gather all this information only God and them know. If not for their contribution discipline, most of them would be shown the door.

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