Drama After Drama!!! Did This Popular Artiste DUMP Ancestor Girlfriend For Mzungu?

News has it that Tanzanian singer Harmonize and  girlfriend Jacqueline Wolper are done!

Harmonize and actress Wolper have been in an on and off relationship but its seems the two have decide to call it quits.

The Bado hit maker shocked many fans when he confessed that he was very single, days after he showered love to Wolper on national radio.

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Talking to Maina Kageni, Harmonize admitted;

“I’m single by the way.

He further revealed that he was searching for a lady who would warm his heart. It was then that fans new Harmonize had left his long time celebrity girlfriend but who was he going for? You ask?

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Harmonize is now rumoured to be dating a mzungu, something that he has kept a secret since he parted ways with Wolper. Rumour has it that the mzungu is heavily pregnant. When called to confirm the rumours, Harmonize’s manager did not want to say a thing.

“Tuzungumze biashara, utakapopata Harmonize utazungumzia tuhuma ambazo umezisikia…Mimi simanage mapenzi ya wasanii wangu namanage biashara na kazi zao.”

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