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Drama As Wife And Mpango Wa Kando Clash At Their Man’s Burial

There was drama at a funeral when the burial of one Mr. James almost turned chaotic when his wife and the late’s mpango wa kando¬†met face to face.

While eulogizing her late estranged husband, Nancy Iteshi started by giving a brief history on her relationship with James before turning her attention on the mpango wa kando who was standing next to the coffin, accusing her of breaking her marriage as well as the family.

The two tied the knot back in 2001 and the two sired two children together.


“My name is Nancy Karai Iteshi, James and I got married in 2001 and we were blessed with two children a boy and a girl.” Narrated Nancy.

We had a normal and happy life together but he changed immediately after our second born turned a month older and he stopped taking care of us. I sought advice from my mother but he once threatened to chop her with a panga.

I persevered but I eventually left him not willingly but because of this lady (pointing at the wailing mpango wa kando). I am the reason why James was called a father. When I found him he had no wife and he had no children and this woman is the one who ruined my marriage.

Now my kids are orphans without anyone to educate them.” She added.

The widow’s comments irked the mpango wa kando who at some point threatened to attack her before she was carted away.

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