Dr. Ofweneke with Christine

She stood me up 4 times! Dr. Ofweneke speaks about new lover (Exclusive)

Dr. Ofweneke has been dating a pretty light-skinned lady called Christine Tenderess. The lady recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and what better opportunity to interview the entertainer than this.

One of the most interesting questions about Christine is where the couple met. He said that he did so at a birthday party that he and she attended.

“I saw her and she was light-skin and she was looking fine. Then she had a very beautiful blue dress. Another thing I noted was that she was regal and seated while everyone else in the club was dancing. Everyone is competing to shake what they have while she is so classy and taking care of everybody.” he said.

Dr. Ofweneke lover pregnant
Dr. Ofweneke lover pregnant

He noted that Christine didn’t try to impress him and was indifferent to his star power.

“It was so bad that when I asked her for her number, she just gave me her name. So I wake up in the morning, In look for her number but I realise that I only got her name. I decided to search for her Instagram. I went everywhere looking for mutual friends.”

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He finally found success.

“I found her number after a chain of 5 friends. That’s when I bumped into her. I slid into her DM’s and told her that I wanted her number as she had only given me her name,” he confided in me.

Dr. Ofweneke lover pregnant
Christine when she was pregnant

She responded by saying that her actions were intentional.

If you thought him getting the number was hard, then what about getting a date? The entertainer was stretched to his limits as Christine stood him up 4 times before she finally agreed to meet him! The only reason she met him the 5th time was that she was only coming to eat.

The fact that he was that patient with his new woman even astounded his friends who knew that he had a big ego. “For me, it’s about the fact that I don’t lose. So how could this chick stand me up like this? Does she know who I am?” he pondered.

To be continued…

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