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I was a matatu tout! Dr Ofweneke on his first job ever

Dr Ofweneke is one of the most popular comedians in Kenya, a feat that has been a long time coming for him. But before his meteoric rise to the top, the father of 3 had a very interesting job.

Can you guess it? The funnyman divulged to his fans online that he had been a Matatu Tout for the Number 8 Kibera route and also a Cyber Cafe attendant. But apart from that revelation, the man’s life is one that deserves a quick walk down memory lane.

Ofweneke’s real names are Sande Bush. He was born on 17th January 1991 at Pumwani Hospital and is from the Luyha community. The man who is famous for his Nigerian accent is a comedian, MC, songwriter, actor, and motivational speaker, roles that have seen him being a sought-after MC for corporate gigs.

He co-owns a digital marketing and advertising agency called Defa Media Group along with being the CEO of Ofufu Media, which deals with artist management, branding, and events organizing.

His father is David Sande Oyolo, and his late mother was Jennifer Atieno with the comedian’s parents separating when he was just a week old.

His childhood was tough for his father who was now a single parent. The struggles prompted his father to take his son to live with his grandmother in Mbotela as he completed his University studies.

“We moved to Huruma, Dandora – all these ghettos.” He credits his tough-as-nails nature to growing up in this trying of circumstances.

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The father of 3 also attempted suicide three times; one time by jumping in front of an oncoming pickup truck along Malava- Webuye road. The second time he tried hanging himself in a hut in a shamba he was taking care of. The third time he swallowed pills but ended up vomiting. He realized that everybody else was trying to live, and that is when he stopped the attempts at his life.

His lucky break came at 19 when he landed a job at Milele FM, making him the youngest radio presenter. While many might be confused about his accent, he was born and raised in Kenya.

The reason for his comedy having a Nigerian tilt was that his co-host at Milele challenged him to come up with something catchy and unique and immediately the idea of using the Nigerian accent clicked in his mind.

The man has been married once with his first wife being called Veronica Wanja aka Nicah the queen. The two had 2 kids before they divorced.

Dr. Ofweneke with Christine Tenderess in a file photo

The man is now dating a lady called Christine and they were blessed with a baby girl last year.

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