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Dr Ofweneke speaks of his desire to join Classic105 FM (exclusive)

I recently spoke to the illustrious comedian, Dr Ofweneke. The man is always a pleasant interviewee and always gives detailed, impassioned answers to any question I ask.

On April 1st, Ofweneke whose real names are Sande Bush posted an update on his Instagram page where he said that he had joined Classic105.

Although posted on the highly-suspect date, the message fooled many (including me) with congratulatory messages flowing in from most quarters.

So was joining Classic105 a desire he had or was it all just a prank? “Yes, it is a desire to get back on radio,” he started off. “I think I have been off radio for the past 5 years. I have been in talks with a few radio stations and if all goes well then I might be back on radio. It depends…My intentions even back in the day was to take my radio career to RadioAfrica.”

What show would the comedian want to do? “Whichever comes my way. By the grace of God I am among the best talents around. Having a 13-year career in radio, TV, I believe I am up to the task with any show I would be given.”

He finished off by saying, “There is no show I haven’t done. I have done breakfast, morning, evening shows. Whichever comes, I am versatile.”

Were he to succeed in joining Classic105, Dr Ofweneke would join the biggest radio talent in the Kenyan media landscape in Maina Kageni.

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