DP William Ruto to pay school fees for a watchman after hearing this sad story

Over the weekend Deputy President William Ruto was on a live Tv interview on NTV hosted by Mark Maasai.

The question and answer interview was highly criticized, with many terming it as a failure given the fact that the presenter did not give the Deputy President a chance to freely express himself.


But behind the scenes, it has emerged that something good came out the interview after Dennis Itumbi informed his fans on Instagram that the DP had volunteered to help pay school fees for a needy Kenyan.

He wrote

“Dennis Itumbi Backstory: As Mark Masai interviewed DP William Ruto – A man who identified himself as a watchman sent in a text.
He has been saving and hustling to pay school fees for himself and he wanted DP William Ruto to assist him to go back to school.
During one of the breaks, as Mark scrolled on the massive feedback – he showed his guest the text.
DP agreed to take over the fees. #TeamHustle”

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Deputy President William Ruto is fond of referring to himself as a hustler given the fact that before being the powerful public figure he is now, he used to petty jobs.

KOT reacted sharply to news that Ruto would be paying school fees for the said watchman.

joymaureen4[email protected] …Bwana Itumbi on a personal level, kindly assist me pay my rent My house is about to be locked up

angiewahu…When Ruto’s Junkies realize that the Interview did not go as planned😮So they come up with a lame story about A Watchman,A text and School fees😮Please @dennisitumbi Spare us …

Is it not enough that the Government is allowing Billions of Public Funds to be stolen?😞Now we have to get on Instagram and read such Nonsense😐…


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waguraben@dennisitumbi… to me I need a capital to start rearing Chicken I have a space nimezijegea nyumba bt I dnt have the Chickens need help if you can

paolatatua…Too much PR! We want real issues addressed. It’s fortunate that the guy had some money to even text out here people don’t have phones, are living hand to mouth*those that are privileged.!

sleepoutside,have no education, have no hope, have nothing! Basically nothing just their lives. I just pray that in whichever capacity, we have the tiniest of empathy more so when it comes to public resources

From the above comments it is obvious that people were not impressed and most think that this was just a PR tactic to redeem the DP’s reputation after the interview.

Dennis Itumbi had this message for those not pleased about the issue

“dennisitumbi @angiewahu – A family is happy tonight because hope is restored and they can dream. That is something worth an Insta update on my space. I did exactly that”



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